Education in Eritrea

Education in Eritrea is compulsory to all. Children of age between 7 to 13 years must require attending school. The education in Eritrea is provided in mother tongue. The education policy of the government emphasizes on creating a society leveraged with necessary skills that can participate in country’s cultural and economic growth. The current education infrastructure heavily needed to be revamped to fulfill government vision.

The education in Eritrea is not free; household income is not very high and hence people face difficulty paying for education cost. Social taboos are other factors dominating education in Eritrea. The government needs to take care of these issues for developing a healthy knowledge society in Eritrea.

There are five levels of education in Eritrea, pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary and tertiary. Eritrea has thousands of schools and the number is growing. The education system in Eritrea is designed to promote private sector schooling, equal access for all groups (i.e. prevent gender discrimination, prevent ethnic discrimination, prevent class discrimination, etc.) and promote continuing education through formal and informal systems. Following given stages of education in Eritrea.
  • Basic Education- 7 years
  • Secondary -Secondary School - 4 years
  • Post- secondary - Advanced Diploma - 3 years
  • Higher Education - Bachelor - 4/5 years
  • Higher Education - Master - 2 years
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